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What We Do.

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SME Resource Centre undertakes the following services to Small & Medium Enterprises:

The Annual Small and Medium Enterprise Fair and Conference

This annual event bring in together industry players with products or services for SMEs plus Small & medium Business owners that are looking to market & create awareness of their enterprises.

The fair is targeted for Small & medium Sizes business owners, Aspiring Entrepreneurs and the general public where they get a chance to connect with the exhibitors getting to know which products, services/ systems they need to implement or take up enabling them start there companies or grow to the next level.

Various topics concerning SMES are covered in the conference enabling an interaction that is both beneficial to both the Attending delegates & Exhibitors.

SME Business Training

We cannot undermine the role that information plays in our society, As people know more they have a far better chance to change & improve their lives and that is the reason Maple Sme Resource centre currently runs business training programmes in Nairobi & countrywide

Various topics are covered from Financial Literacy, Market solutions for smes, Business growth for the entrepreneur among other and the Business owner is giving an opportunity to grow there business and start ups to learn through entrepreneurship stimulation training what it involves to start & run a company.

Online Resource Centre is an online resource centre that is run by SMERC for easier access for SMBs the online resource centre has a toolkit that shall greatly assist SMES in various categories of Business.

The online resource centre shall also contain the latest news in business, SME Databank collected countrywide that can easily be accessed by companies looking to work with SMEs.

SME Club

The Sme Club is a networking platform for SMES where they can foster & enhance trade between the club members, take advantage of mentor-ship programmes, participate in various events that beneficial to the organization at highly discounted rates form Joint ventures and partnership among others.

Currently with a stronghold of over 2,000 members the SME Club is a force to reckon in future, membership is open to individuals, Small & Medium Business, Associations & Corporate.

SME Business Clinics and Coaching

The Maple Business Clinic is a business support & diagnostic service for Small & Medium Business owners. it is especially formulated to address 3 stages, Start Ups, Existing SMES and next level of Business prosperity.

The Business clinic is carried out as a one on one session that the individual goes through an entrepreneurial stimulation with our Business Experts to determine the right course of action in regards to issues they are looking to address.

The importance of a business clinic for a start up is that it assist the aspiring entrepreneur by pushing them in the right directions to start their business learning the pros & con of the business they need to start and as a guidance option through the clinic.

Business clinics & coaching pushes the business of an existing sme to achieve optimum performance, installing supporting mechanism executing the action and keeping to the action plans to enable movement to the next level. It also greatly assist in accessing finance & financial literacy, Opening more sales & market for the business employees management and accountability.

SME Revolving Fund

The SME fund shall be borrowed by Small to medium business owners & Startup at better & Competitive terms than currently available in the market to enable growth and expansions for these businesses.

SME Business Centre of Excellence

Starting a business is very costly affair you have to consider and finance the following, office space, IT technology, office personnel, internet connectivity, office furniture to name a few. The Sme Business centre of excellence shall be a haven for start up and existing Small business as they utilize the shared resources available at the centre plus indictment into the programmes & services offered by the resource centre.

Business Matching for SMEs with Established Companies Locally & International

Mentorship & Diversification is a very important aspect of any business if they are looking to grow as a company. SMERC is involved in business matching for established businesses both locally & internationally that can offer mentorship for the SME or Start Up and also can be able to diversify to other products or services that will enhance the business.

Advocacy & Campaign for SMEs to the Government & Various Industries:
SMERC work tireless in advocating the government and involved associates for better business environments for SMEs we also campaign for better working relations and rates in various industries for SMEs.

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