School/Blackboard Chalk Making Business in Kenya- SME Resource Centre Business Ideas

School/Blackboard Chalk Making Business in Kenya- SME Resource Centre Business Ideas

School/Blackboard Chalk Making Business in Kenya- SME Resource Centre Business Ideas

Locally made blackboard chalk making machine

Blackboard chalk is always on the demand owing to its many uses. One of the major consumers of chalk is schools and in Kenya there are hundreds of thousands of schools. Other sectors that use chalk are tailoring, surveying, carpentry and many more. This shows that there is an ever-increasing demand for chalk. With this in mind, venturing into school/blackboard chalk making business assures you of a guaranteed market. The good thing is that producing blackboard chalk is very cheap and the returns are very good. SME Resource Centre would like to help you venture into this type of business by offering you machinery and training at affordable rates.

What You Need to Venture into School Chalk Making Business- Equipment and Raw Materials

Now that we have seen that making blackboard chalk is a venture with a guaranteed market, let’s see what you need to venture into this type of business. Note that the materials and equipment needed here are readily available locally and you don’t have to import anything.


Chalk Mould Machine– this is the major equipment because it responsible for the formation of the chalk. You can buy a high quality one from us.

Hand Gloves– they are important for mixing the material

Brushes– for applying oil/lubricant in the mould holes to prevent sticking and ensure the chalk comes out smooth

Mixing Bowl or Bucket– for mixing the raw materials

Dryer if you want to quicken the process

Scrapper– this is used for cleaning by scrapping the surface of the mould holes.

Packaging material– you need them for distribution purposes. It’s a best practice to have them branded so they can stand out. It’s also on the packaging material you indicate your details which is an effective and affordable means of marketing your product.

Raw Materials

Plaster of Paris (POP)– POP is the main raw material in chalk making. It is readily available in kenya.

Calcium Carbonate(limestone) in powder form- it’s also one of the major raw materials especially if you want to produce dustless chalk. It makes the chalk fine and smooth.

Water– its needed for mixing and making the thick slurry paste. Make sure the water is clean(without particles and color)

Dry pigments of different colors– these are needed for making colored chalk

Procedure/process of making blackboard chalk

Step 1

  • Pour the desired quantity of POP into the mixing bowl/bucket
  • If you are making dustless chalks add desired calcium carbonate to the POP.
  • If you want colored chalks add the color pigments too in this stage

Step 2

  • Add water and start mixing using your hand until a paste is formed to the desired thickness.



Step 3

  • Pour some oil or lubricant in a small container and soak the right size of brush in it(the brush should be small enough to fit into the mould holes.
  • Use the brush to lubricate the mould holes

Step 4

  • Now pour the pasty mixture into the mould holes making sure each is well filled and then and allow it to solidify for 15 to 25 minutes or when sure the chalk is fully formed.

Step 5

  •  Loosen the mould and take out the chalks carefully then take them to the dryer if you opt for this method or to an open space where they can sun dry. For the sun drying option, give the chalk 2-3 days for them to dry and harden well.

Step 6

  • Package the chalk into a carton and label them
  • Your chalk is ready for distribution/sale.

You don’t need a lot of space to produce chalk because the equipment for producing chalk doesn’t occupy too much space. It can be done at the backyard of your house or an extra room that you don’t use.

Where to get the necessary equipment and raw materials needed for blackboard chalk making business.

The most important equipment you need for efficient and smooth process of making chalk is the mould. You can get a good blackboard chalk mould from SME Resource Centre at a cost of Ksh. 290,906.

Here is a photo of an imported chalk making machine:

School/Blackboard Chalk Making Business in Kenya- SME Resource Centre Business Ideas




Other accessories like gloves, mixing buckets/bowls can be easily accessed in local shops.

The other major components are the raw materials; you can also get these easily in many towns but if you want to do it in large scale it would be advisable to go get them in Athi River or Nairobi industrial area.

As you have learned above, venturing into school/blackboard chalk making business is very affordable and easy. This is one of the many SME Resource Centre business ideas we share because we are committed to empowering Kenyan entrepreneurs to make it.

If you need assistance in running this kind of business or acquiring the chalk making machine kindly get in touch with us.