Rabbit Keeping Agribusiness in Kenya

Rabbit Keeping Agribusiness in Kenya

Rabbit Keeping Agribusiness in Kenya, Kilimo Biashara Rabbit Keeping Package

Rabbit Keeping Agribusiness in Kenya

Rabbits come in two types, the wild rabbits and the domesticated rabbits(mostly the European rabbit species native to southwestern courtiers of Portugal and Spain and also northwest African countries of Algeria and morocco). The domestication of rabbits started in the Middle Ages or medieval period between the 5th to the 15th century. The main purpose of domesticating rabbits was for food, wool, fur, pets and later for biological research purposes(animal experimentation). However, in Kenya, people keep rabbits as a farming activity and more recently for commercial purposes commonly known as rabbit keeping agribusiness.

Because of a rapid rise of health-conscious middle-level Kenyans, rabbit keeping agribusiness has become a lucrative venture for farmers. The availability of ready market for rabbit meat both locally and internationally makes this agribusiness venture a great option for farmers. One of the main advantages of venturing into rabbit keeping agribusiness is low cost of starting and running it. You don’t need a large piece of land and huge amount of capital because it requires a small space and locally available materials that can be acquired very cheaply.

Kilimo Biashara Rabbit Keeping Package

SME Africa has been on the fore front in helping farmers venture into this agribusiness option by providing all the necessary support. This is through our Kilimo Biashara Rabbit Keeping Package that comes with mature rabbits for breeding, rabbit keeping training, veterinary support, insurance, and market for the rabbit meat.

However it should be noted that this package does not include cost of constructing a rabbit house(cost of materials, labor & transport of materials) cost of transporting the rabbits to farmer’s site and cost of rabbit feed commonly known as rabbit pellets. Also note that the day to day care of the rabbits is a responsibility of the farmer.

The rabbit pellets come in a variety of formulations depending on the desired outcome like increase in weight, faster growth of the kittens/bunnies. The feeding has to follow a well-designed program so that at each stage the rabbits can get the ideal nutrient formulation. It should also be noted that rabbits require sufficient fresh water which should be provided in clean items that are regularly washed.

Due to our expertise in agribusiness, many farmers have partnered with us and enjoy great returns from this venture. If you would like to venture in this agribusiness project or learn more kindly refer to our Kilimo Biashara Rabbit Keeping Package.


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