Miliki Transport Customized Three-Wheeler Tanker

Miliki Transport Customized Three-Wheeler Tanker

miliki transport, customized three wheeler tanker, Miliki Transport Customized Three-wheeler TankerOne of the best business ventures you can get into is transportation and you can do this through our Miliki Transport Customized Three-Wheeler Tanker. When it comes to transport business, here is always a ready market because every day people and goods have to be moved from one point to another. However, despite the assurance of a ready market, some sectors of transport are not easy to do business because of the complex dynamics involved and the influence of cartels who dictate the rules. On the contrary, transporting of goods is relatively easier compared to transportation of humans because this sector is more organized.

That said, the startup cost of venturing into transport business is very prohibitive to most Kenyans. It is for this reason that SME Resource Centre came up with an affordable option of getting into the transport business. This is through customized three wheelers and one of the best options is with a customized liquid tanker.


This is an affordable and convenient means of venturing into transportation of liquids. Some of the liquids you can transport using this customized three-wheeler include:

  • Water
  • Fast moving consumer goods(FMCGs) like
  • cooking oil,
  • liquid soap.

It can also be customized to carry

  • Milk
  • Kerosene
  • LPG

It can also be modified to serve as a

  • “Honey Sucker” (septic tanks drainage)
  • Fire Fighting Engine

Advantages of this customized three-wheeler tanker

  1. It is affordable to buy compared to a pickup truck or lorry
  2. It’s cheaper to maintain compared to a lorry or a pickup truck
  3. Has a very low fuel consumption
  4. Can be customized to carry different types of liquids
  5. Compared to a hand cart or a donkey cart its more convenient in terms of speed and carrying capacity
  6. Due to its flexibility, it can serve tight/tiny roads and streets within the estate or rural areas

Do you find this business interesting to you and would like to venture into it? We invite you to come view these customized three-wheeler tankers at our offices in Industrial Area, Bamburi Road Off Enterprise Road Nairobi.

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