Joining A Business Club

Joining A Business Club

The SME Business Club was initiated to develop entrepreneurship skills and capacity for aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and established enterprises. The advantages of joining a business club are immense and we highly encourage you to join our very own SME Business club to enjoy some of the following  areas of SME Business Club entrepreneurship development:

  • Access to mentorship programmes by local and international successful entrepreneurs,
  • You also get an opportunity to mentor a young entrepreneur,
  • Entrepreneurial training and coaching,
  • A wide network of other entrepreneurs and potential customers you can network with for the mutual benefit of both parties,
  • Access to financing,
  • First priority to offers and business opportunities from SME Resource Centre Group of companies,
  • Being part of a lobby group that advocates for a favorable and conducive environment for SMEs in Kenya,
  • Market linkage for your  farm produce if you are in agribusiness,
  • Opportunities to partner with SME Resource Centre in areas of mutual benefits.

Join the SME Business Club and be part of the more than 3,000 members in the business community in Kenya enjoying vast benefits and experiencing growth and expansion for their businesses.

Different stages of entrepreneurs eligible to joining a business club

Who Can Join?


At this stage the business is still an idea.

Programmes and Benefits
  • Access to over 100 business ideas researched and ready to be started into businesses.
  • Business Coaching Workshop (to actualize your business idea).
  • Business Plan Writing.
  • Your Industry/Sector Mentorship Connection.
  • Access to business resources to get your from aspiring to a start-up.
  • I’m a Start-up Entrepreneurship Training, Networking Sessions and Mentorship.

A Start-up (1 Month – 3 Years) is a company in the early stages of registration, product and/or services development, market research and early stages of system setup.

Programmes and Benefits
  • Access to the SME Resource Centre Start-up.
  • Business Kit.
  • Legal Registration.
  • Business Coaching Workshops and One-on-One Coaching.
  • Entrepreneurship Training.
  • SME Resource Centre Online Platform.
  • Networking Forums and Events.
  • Own your own Collateral Project.
  • SME Revolving Fund.
  • Industry/Sector/Gender Related Events, Funding, Market Linkages, Niche Training.
  • Networking Forums and Events.

Established Enterprises (5 years and above)

These are businesses that are past the 5th year of operation with stable business operations that are looking to expand, diversify and at time the business owners’ steps aside from the day to day running of the business.

Programmes and Benefits
  • Trade Mission: Regionally and Internationally.
  • Mentorship and CSR Programmes.
  • SME Revolving Fund.
  • Entrepreneurship Training.
  • Networking Forums and Events.
  • Investment Portfolio.
  • Online Platform.
  • Industry/Sector/Gender Related Events, Funding, Market Linkages, Niche Training
Join today for only KShs. 2,500 per year


As seen here, joining a business club especially our very own is one of the best moves you can take as a entrepreneur. Contact us today if you are interested in being part of this great movement of entrepreneurs.