How Narendra Raval moved From KShs 2,500 to $400 Million Income

How Narendra Raval Moved From KShs 2,500 to $400 Million Income

All around us ordinary people are making millions everyday, living life to the fullest under the same sun, breathing the same air as we do, working within the 24 hours we were all given by God. So what makes them different? What defines that person to earn such an astounding amount of money while we can barely make it month to month? However much this might sound like an impossibility, it’s actually  possible. It’s all in the mind, an absolute refusal to settle for less, to live a mediocre life, to have negative thoughts and a scarcity mind. Each and every day they are taking bold actions combined with a total belief that it can be done. That life is at the feet of he/she who is strong enough to take it. In this article, we will share How Narendra Raval moved From KShs 2,500 to $400 Million Income.

What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Below is an inspirational story of Narendra Raval of the Devki Group of Companies here in kenya. He started a journey from earning Kshs, 2,500 to an annual turnover of $400 million.

How Narendra Raval moved from Ksh 2,500 to $400 million income

Narendra Raval at one time worked as a temple assistant in a Swaminarayan temple as part of his religious obligation as a member of the ruling priestly caste of the Hindu religion. At 16 years, he moved to Kenya to complete his duties at a temple in Kisumu city, but after he got married in his early 20’s he had to give up his priestly duties permanently.

After Raval left the temple, he got a job offer to work as a casual laborer in a steel factory in Nairobi. It is during this time that he started to save up his income and managed to save enough money to start small steel processing plant that he ran with his wife. Being a visionary, he expanded his business into roofing and fencing products. He later approached a bank for a loan to set up a steel rolling mill. He and his wife eventually established the Devki Group of Companies, a multi-dimensional and diversified company in East and Central Africa, which primarily deals in steel, infrastructure, cement and real estate.

The inspirational story above about how Narendra Raval moved From KShs 2,500 to $400 Million income is a real Kenyan success story that inspires many. It’s actually possible to make it too no matter where you are right now. Keep believing and stay focused.