From KShs 2,500 to $400 million

All around us ordinary people are making millions everyday, living life to the fullest under the same sun, breathing the same air as we do, working within the 24 hours we were all given by God. So what makes them different? What defines that person to earn such an astounding amount of money while we can barely make it month to month?

It’s all in the mind, an absolute refusal to settle for less, to live a mediocre life, to have negative thoughts and a scarcity mind. Each and every day they are taking bold actions combined with a total belief that it can be done. That life is at the feet of he/she who is strong enough to take it.

What the mind can conceive and belief it can achieve. Read the extraordinary story of Narendra Raval of the Devki Group of Companies here in kenya. He started a journey from earning Kshs, 2,500 to an annual turnover of $400 million.