Chicken/Fish and French Fries Restaurant Business

Chicken/Fish and French Fries Restaurant Business

Chicken/Fish and French Fries Restaurant BusinessChicken/Fish and French fries/chips are a perfect match for many Kenyans which has created a great demand for this delicacy. Venturing into this business guarantees you good returns and this is the reason why many such businesses are springing up in different estates across Nairobi and it’s environs. If you have been looking for a good business idea with good profit margins you can implement, this is one of them. To venture into chicken/fish and French fries restaurant business, you first need to find a suitable location. Good locations can be around your estate or in other towns across the country or your local shopping center in shagz. You will also need to acquire the relevant business licenses and permits including a health certificate for you and/or your staff.

For this business to run efficiently without incurring too much labor expenses, you need the right equipment. One of them is a deep frying machine that you can use for frying French fries and fish. The other equipment is a de-feathering machine for easy removal of feathers from the chickens. You also need an oven for baking chicken so that you can do it in bulk. On the preparation stage, you also need a potato peeler and French fries potato cutter that helps you cut out chips of perfect size and shape.

At SME Africa we can help you acquire any of these high quality machines that come with a warranty. We can also offer training on running such a chicken/fish and French fries restaurant business like looking for a suitable location, setting up, operating the machinery, licensing and every other process in between. For the training it can be done in two ways; (i) you get a 50% discount if you acquire the machinery from us and (ii) you can get only the training without buying the equipment from us which is charged at full cost relative to nature of your business and needs.

If you are interested in starting such a chicken/fish and French fries restaurant business and would like our input in setting up and running it kindly get in touch with us through any of the following means:

Landline: 020 804 8985/6
Mobile: 0723 355 408 or 0722 538 270

You can also email us at or visit our website

Chicken/Fish and French Fries Restaurant Business

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