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Chicken Farming Agribusiness in Kenya

Almost everybody loves chicken. This is not only because it’s a delicacy but also a healthy alternative to red meat that has been attributed to a number of health issues. In Kenya chicken is the turkey in America. It’s considered a prestigious dish for serving to any guest and seen as a sign of great honor when you serve your guests with a sumptuous chicken dish. The demand for chicken is so big that it’s even imported from our neighboring brethren in Uganda. This has created a huge market for farmers who chose to venture into chicken farming agribusiness as it’s commonly known.

Considering this massive demand and readily available market, Kenyan farmers who choose to venture into poultry agribusiness are assured of good returns. However, it’s good to note that there are other variables that determine the success of this business. E.g. how you take care of your chicken through feeding and timely treatment. The good thing is that if you partner with us you will get all the support you need so you can get maximum returns.

How our Chicken Farming Agribusiness in Kenya option works

SME Resource Centre partners with farmers who want to venture into poultry farming agribusiness in Kenya by offering a complete package that includes a buy back option for meat. The package includes the following features:

Chicken Farming Agribusiness in Kenya, poultry farming agribusiness in Kenya>Mature Pullets 1200 each
>One month old chicks going for ksh 350 each
>Broilers 1 day old ksh 65 each
>Layers 1 day old ksh 120 each
>Chicken battery cages for layers that have different capacities of either 96, 128 or 256 chicken.
>Poultry Training, Veterinary support.
>Agri-insurance for your chicken

If you do not have chicken houses constructed and need guidance on how to do it we can also assist you do it. We have our expert fundis who can give you the specifications or even construct one for you. Kindly note this is not included in the package. Other things not included are vaccination and transport cost of materials and chicken to your location/site.

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Why you should get this poultry farming agribusiness package by SME Resource Centre

When you buy this poultry farming agribusiness package, we walk with you the whole journey by training you on how to efficiently and economically rare chicken. We also offer veterinary support and teach you on different diseases and what to look out for.

After your chicken are mature, we then give you the option to buy back from you meat from your Kienyeji chicken at ksh 350 per kg of dead meat. Kindly note that at this time we are not able to buy eggs from farmers but since eggs are in high demand there shouldn’t be a problem in selling them.

As you can see there is a great opportunity to earn good returns from poultry farming agribusiness. You don’t have to worry how to go about it because we are here for you to help you succeed.

If you are interested in this chicken farming agribusiness package kindly get in touch with us through any of the following means for a quotation:

Landline: 020 804 8985/6
Mobile: 0723 355 408 or 0722 538 270

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