Are You An Aspiring Entrepreneur?

Are You An Aspiring Entrepreneur?

Are You An Aspiring Entrepreneur? Is entrepreneurship for you? Have you generated a business idea? Do you want to get into business and don’t know where to start? We Can Help you Succeed in your venture with tailor made solutions in all aspects of your business. This will help you get into entrepreneurship and start with the correct tools that will enable you be a successful entrepreneur.

Why this training is ideal for an Aspiring Entrepreneur?

Owing to the nature of our current education system in Kenya, graduates are not well equipped in venturing in entrepreneurship and create jobs themselves instead of waiting for formal employment. For this reason, at SME Resource Centre we felt it’s important to come up with such training and equip Kenyans with skills that will enable them venture into entrepreneurship.

Let SME Resource Centre show you the way by enabling you through our generate and Start Your Business Training & Consultation.

After This Training And Consultation, You Will Be Able To:

  • Generate a business idea. Access to over 100 business ideas ready to be implemented.
  • Assistance in business plan templates and writing.
  • Access to resources and tools to successfully start a business.
  • Be an automatic SME Business Club member which will enable you get further training and mentorship.
  • Business Coaching Workshop (to actualize your business idea).
  • Access to business resources to get your from aspiring to a successful start-up.

Why you should signup for this aspiring or startup entrepreneur training

This training will equip you with skills and knowledge in Business Development, Processing and Manufacturing, Marketing, Customer centricity and much more.

If therefore you are interested in starting a business but not sure how to go about it we are the right partners. You can also signup for our business club membership and gain access to a network of fellow entrepreneurship and opportunities geared towards promoting entrepreneurship and business establishments in the small and medium level. The membership fee for this club is ksh 2500 renewable on a yearly basis.