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About Us.

Why our Clients love to work with us.

SME Resource Centre is actively involved in entrepreneurship development and promotion for SMES. Our driving goal is economic empowerment through entrepreneurship.  Our main programmes are:

  • Entrepreneurship Centre of Excellence.
  • Miliki Biashara (Agribusiness, Manufacturing Machineries and Transportation).
  • Institute of Entrepreneurship Development.
  • SME Financial and Insurance Services (In Partnership).
  • Make an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship Centre of Excellence

The SME Business Club

Currently with over 2,000 members countrywide that access networking forums, trade between the members, business management skills programmes and entrepreneurship events & resources.

Online Platforms

Our main form of communication to SMES plus online training programmes and toolkits.

Entrepreneurship Events

SME Resource Centre has 4 flagship events, namely:

  1. The Annual SME Expo
  2. Training and Gala Night
  3. I’m an Entrepreneurship Diva for Women
  4. National Youth Economic Summit

Entrepreneurship Resources and Toolkits

That enable business owners grow their businesses by the assistance, information gained ans systems placed to ensure sustainability and growth for their Businesses.


We work with various stakeholders from corporate Kenya, the Government, development agencies that are looking to outsource our entrepreneurship services and programmes plus also to engage directly with SMES in our network.

Miliki Biashara

Income generating opportunities in Agribusiness, Manufacturing and Transportation.


This programme was developed by SME Resource Centre to create opportunities of income generation to interested individuals, groups and farmers in commercialized agriculture.

The programmes have been bundled together with:

  • Agribusiness Insurance
  • Training (Technical and Entrepreneurship)
  • Agronomical and Veterinary Support
  • Kilimo Services Registration and Management
  • Access to farming land (Optional)
  • Guarantee Buy Back of produce.

We also have agro-processing programmes plus supply of agricultural machinery.


These are business opportunities in industrial manufacturing especially ideal for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. We have created opportunities to access easy to operate machines that areaffordable with incredible profit margins and low operating costs.

This programme is bundle together with:

  • Insurance
  • Technical Training
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Skill Management Training
  • Packaging
  • Standardization and Market Linkages (where necessary)

The Industrial machinery cuts across various sectors which include but not limited to:

  • Agriculture
  • Food processing
  • FMCG
  • Recycling
  • Packaging
  • Educational
  • Automobile
  • Textile
  • Catering
  • Building and Construction



3 Wheeler Motorbikes / Tuk Tuk with Trailers, Motorbikes

SME Resource Centre supplies 3 wheeler motorbikes/Tuk Tuks, Motorbikes for the use of transportation as a business opportunity. This programme is bundled together with:

  • Insurance
  • Accident cover
  • Road safety
  • Maintenance training
  • Business linkage to transportation contracts for FMCGs, farm produce, PSV

We also enable micro and small enterprises make their businesses mobile, enabling them go where there clients are.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

With a countrywide monthly entrepreneurship training Programme we have trained over 6,000 SMES in entrepreneurship and business management skills. We also train on agribusiness enabling farmers gain the necessary skills.

SME Financial and Insurance Services

We work with various financial institution to provide finances to our members for the growth and diversification of their businesses. We also work with insurance companies to provide agribusiness and small business insurance.

Make an Entrepreneur

70% of our clients are small enterpreneurs whilst 30% are micro and medium entrepreneurs.Make an entrepreneurs is our CSR Programme where we work with youth groups, women groups, reformed ex-prisoners, commercial workers in enabling them start enterprises that will improve their lives.

We also have a professional skills set programme where individuals can give back using their expertise in their careers such as human resource, customer care, marketing, legal, accounting to startups that cannot yet afford to employee or hire such talent.

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