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Who We Are

SME Resource Centre is actively involved in entrepreneurship development and promotion.

We work with Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME) as solution providers for the challenges they face in entrepreneurship.

Our main objective for MSME is to support them every step of the way as they implement business resources that govern small enterprises to future corporations.


Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurship.


We provide solutions to entrepreneurs, enabling them Dream, Start and Grow thriving and sustainable enterprises.

SME Resource Centre- Your Ideal Partner in Business Growth

At SME Resource Centre also known as SME Africa, we are the leading resource centre for small and medium enterprises in Kenya. We provide solutions to challenges facing SMEs through mentoring, business coaching and training, connecting them to financiers, sourcing for markets, sourcing for high quality machinery, offering insurance services through our Biashara Insurance Agency and equipment for running their businesses efficiently and economically.

Solutions For Entrepreneurs

Because entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges in running their businesses, it’s important for them to find the right solutions. As a result, we have developed solutions that are applicable and ideal for any business in Kenya. These solutions can be getting the right markets for products, getting financing, sourcing for the right equipment and machinery, managing finances etc.

Entrepreneurship Development

SME Africa is actively involved in entrepreneurship development across Kenya. We are actively involved in improving and growing SMEs so as to help them grow and become established enterprises. We do this by offering training and coaching organized and run by The SME Institute of Entrepreneurship Development and also through workshops, events and boot camps organized by The SME Business Club. To enjoy the full benefits of these services, an entrepreneur must be a member of The SME Business Club.

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